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Instructional Leadership Development

Creating Savvy Instructional Leaders


To provide quality principal coaching in the development of culture and climate to support student achievement while strengthening clinical supervision skills to develop teacher instructional quality.


Increased confidence in observing lessons in all content areas

Increased ability to organize supervision to produce results in the most beneficial places

Improved capacity to design and conduct an effective, productive instructional conference

Improved teacher understanding of administrative instructional expectations


Specific Components

Determine the level of supervision to support the development of instructional delivery system within the campus

Provide administrative coaching in the development of curricular systems, benchmarking, and tutorials

Coach principals to develop weak and mediocre teachers

Coach principals to effectively develop and support dedicated, strong teachers

Enable the analysis of data to determine areas within the delivery system for maximum improvement

Coach principal to proactively manage the total program and prevent fragmentation

Develop advanced lesson analysis skills and provide effective feedback


Written analysis of the campus instructional delivery system as the principal influences teacher success

Direct and discrete coaching that improves the instructional skill level of the principal and other selected administrators

Coaching contract between coach and the identified principal(s)