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Instructional Delivery

Creating Quality Data Driven Instruction


To review the quality of instructional delivery in every classroom throughout the school and determine the level of rigor and relevance in both the planning cycle and in teachers’ instruction.


Improved instructional delivery in the classroom

More accurate lesson alignment with campus scope and sequence

Improved alignment with STAAR/EOC and campus/district benchmark tests

Increased knowledge of developing rigor in the classroom

Purposeful development of relevant engaging activities


Specific Components

Provide an analysis of lesson planning with relevance to rigor, relevance, and student engagement

Develop rigor through the development of objectives with attention to cognition and content

Scaffold lessons that develop scope and sequenced objectives

Introduce peer-led protocols to fine-tune lesson designs and analyze their impact on student achievement

Analyze classroom delivery and provide effective feedback

Analyze student work in relation to lesson design and instructional delivery

Use data to drive quality instructional decisions


Written analysis of the campus instructional delivery system as provided by the teaching faculty

Describe the impact of instruction on the benchmark system and student work

Teach faculty quality objective development and lesson design