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Climate and Culture


The research is replete with descriptions of the impact of a school’s culture and climate on student achievement.  An examination of the culture and climate is so often the last component that principals and superintendents will choose for review because it seems nebulous and difficult to define.  Through the last several years, we have developed a fairly quick process to assist a principal in looking at the culture and climate in his/her building and then planning for changes based on the results of the process.


The outcome of this process provides the principal a complete overview of the organizational health of the school with deliverables that include plans to assist the principal in improving the overall health of the organization.  Within the year, the principal should begin to see changes in the organization that support improved organizational health.

The following steps are a brief description of how TCES will assist a principal in addressing elements within the school’s culture and climate.

Day One: The School Survey

  • A team of individuals, no more than four, will walk the campus using an instrument to review elements within the campus that signal the health of the culture and climate within the building.
  • This process normally takes no longer than six hours and will not interfere with the daily routine of the school.
  • At the end of the day, the four reviewers will assemble all of the data to prepare for review with the principal.

Day Two: 

A 360° Profile of the Principal’s Management and Leadership Abilities

  • The principal will be given a personality profile.
  • A 360o survey will be given to every assistant principal, counselor, 20% of the faculty, designated central office personnel, and to the superintendent.
  • Data will be assembled integrating the principal’s personality profile coupled with the results of the 360o survey of specified employees.
  • This entire process is electronically produced for efficiency and speed of delivery.

Day Three: 

Review of the Findings

  • All of the findings from the initial survey will be assembled in an easily understood report and presented to the principal.
  • Included in the report will be an integration of the 360o Profile with the findings of the School Survey.
  • Following the review, strategies will be developed with the principal to improve the culture and climate of the school.