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Benchmark and Tutorial Development

Creating Effective Systems for Remediation


Provide effective remediation targeting the specific needs of each identified student.  The faculty will develop and learn to manage a regular benchmarking system based on the school’s scope and sequence that will enable faculty to know exactly what learning gains students are making as a result of their teaching.  Additionally, faculty will learn to identify students for targeted tutorials and then provide differentiated lessons for those students assigned.


Specific Components

Provide a systematic model for benchmarking of student progress coupled with tutorials for remediation

Develop a sequence of objectives for each defined benchmark period

Develop and match assessment items to each objective taught during each benchmark period

Disaggregate data for teacher review and decision making

Create effectively designed tutorials addressing student needs


Benchmarking system at the campus level

Sequence of objectives tied to state standards for each benchmarking period

Matched assessment items

Tutorial design


Improved student achievement

Clarity regarding what should be taught and tested

Student understanding regarding expectations

Improved remedial processes