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Technology Training for Product Implementation

All of the products that are provided through TCES are supported with training to assist teachers and administrators as they work to integrate technology into the classroom.


It is important to know that the above mentioned days are only suggestions and will be modified to meet the needs of the school district.  The most important aspect is maintaining the focus of the training on the integration of instruction and technology and not just on the technology.  However, we remain flexible to assist with the needs of the district.



Philosophically, TCES strongly supports the use of the Intel Classmate in classrooms because of the versatility it offers for not only reading, but preparing written responses, interacting with various software applications and using the multitude of Web 2.0 tools to support the learning environment.  With this in mind, TCES constructs training for the Classmate with instructional delivery in mind as well as the unique features of the Classmate.

The following describes the basis of the customized technical Training for Product Implementation:

Day One

Technological Features of the Classmate

This day of training prepares the teachers to use the Classmate as standalone computers with their students.  At the end of the training, teachers should be able to use the features of the Classmate and incorporate those features into lesson planning for instructional delivery.  They will additionally learn to plan lessons integrating technology and increasing student engagement in their native world.

Day Two

Using the Classmate for Cooperative Groups and Group Research

When finished with this day of instruction, teachers will be able to use the features of the Classmate coupled with shifting their role to one of facilitation. Many of the Web 2.0 features will be included in this training so as to assist the further development of student engagement while using the computer.  Additionally, teachers will be able to set up their one-to-one environment in stations or centers to parallel with the objectives in a given lesson.

Day Three

This day is critical to the development of teachers as facilitators and to the actual implementation of lessons using the district’s scope and sequence. TCES personnel will be in the classroom with the teachers from the training observing their implementation and then providing feedback as to the results.  Additionally, TCES personnel will help remediate any problems with either the technology or the application of the professional development.