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Leadership Development on the One-to-One Campus

Critical Training Experiences

Day One:

This training day is conducted on the campus while observing faculty that are teaching students in a one-to-on environment.

Day Two:

The second training day is conducted in the classroom with their faculty, allowing principals to learn the process of providing effective feedback to their own teachers.

In addition to learning how to supervise the one-to-one environment, TCES is happy to assist in the overall development of principals as they hone their personal skills in clincial supervision with the traditional classroom.

Observing and providing feedback to faculty in a one-to-one learning environment is somewhat different from the more traditional classroom about which most principals are intimately familiar.  PDAS and the emerging new formats being piloted in the state do not prepare principals to adjust to what they are seeing in the one-to-one classroom. 

TCES provides professional development for principals, assistant principals and content specialists who might have the responsibility for providing feedback and coaching to teachers that are beginning the journey to a one-to-one environment.  Many of the observational components are the same but there is enough difference in the approach and the knowledge base that changes in observers’ patterns do need to be addressed.

Clinical Observation Strategies for a One-to-One Environment

Professional development for the one-to-one environment is normally delivered in a two day seminar where principals received the following components:

  • Transferring observational material to district/state evaluation forms
  • Discovering the changes in instructional theory for lesson plan development
  • Understanding technology usage in the one-to-one environment
  • Observing lesson development in the one-to-one environment
  • Providing feedback to faculty that will assist in growing their instructional skills

We Also Recommend

In concert with the training available to principals regarding the one-to-one environment, TCES also provides teachers and content specialists with the training necessary to begin the one-to-one learning environment.  Please check the Technology Instructional Development link.