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Intel Classmate PC

A complete education solution designed for 1:1 computer implementation

The Intel Classmate PC is a ruggedized convertible notebook device with a webcam, high resolution 10.1" monitor, large hard drive, upgradable memory, multiple USB ports, and stylus, with a resisitive touch that easily converts into a tablet PC for Ereader capabilities.


Teacher Usage

Teachers use the Classmate PC to enhance classroom instruction.

The Classmate can become mobile allowing the teacher to move freely around the room during instruction.

The Classmate can be attached to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse for teacher convenience.

The Classmate can be attached to an external projector, document camera or other peripheral device in the classroom.

The Classmate can be configured into centers or stations to enhance classroom instruction or assist in remediation.

Student Usage

Students can use a variety of software included on the Classmate PC as well as any other Windows based software that the district opts to install.

The Classmate can be used as a tablet PC as well as in the conventional format of a regular laptop.

Classmate Specifications

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