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Digital Learning Community

Hardware/Software Options for a Digital Learning Community

We can deploy numerous hardware options and our first choice options are as follows:

  • Intel Classmate notebook laptops with Windows OS
  • Options for Bring you Own Device (BYOD)
  • Integration of Windows/Apple/Android devices into a community
  • Software for student management and instruction



What is a Digital Learning Community?

A digital learning community is a technologically supported classroom where teachers and students use a variety of digital tools to enhance instruction and create an environment conducive to quality communication, creativity, and collaboration.  The technology supporting the community is a set of tools to catapult students into information and depth of learning while creating digital engagement. 

How does it fit with your current curriculum?

The digital learning community enables the teacher to create lessons and problem-based learning experiences that are directly aligned to TEKS and the STAAR requirements; however, the community enhances those requirements and puts students in real world learning situations.

How is it implemented on your campus?

TCES staff will take the time to develop a comprehensive rollout plan including faculty, leadership and student instruction to meet the needs of your school(s).

We will:

  • Provide a flexible implementation schedule
  • Customize the implementation approach to any scope and sequence
  • Integrate the digital learning community approach to each classroom
  • Offer campus leadership training to reinforce the digital learning community

Contact us today to discuss a presentation for your campus. 

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