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Technical Support

Technical Services

TCES technical support services meet a variety of district needs.  In addition to excellent end-user customer support, we also offer support for your IT team.  

  • If teachers need assistance, please call the district technical liaison.  
  • Any district technical personnel in need of assistance, please call Ray Johnson at 832 487 8787 ext. 109 or email at
  • Any urgent need required by district technical personnel should be referred to Ray Johnson at 713 569 8166.

Hardware Support

TCES offers first line of support for all products sold.  We also are available to support most hardware and software components.

  • To district technical personnel, the TCES technicians are available whenever needed, by telephone or onsite assistance.
  • Our professionals have over 30 years of collective experience to support the following:  Windows OS through Windows 7; System implementations;  Microsoft Suite Products

Training Opportunities

TCES staff provides an integrated instructional/technical training that is customized to meet the campus or district need.  We also offer traditional technical end-user training.

Software Support

To district technical personnel:

  • TCES offers software imaging, installation, training and support on all software we provide.
  • Assistance in researching the compability of district software to the components on the Classmate or other hardware provided.

Theft Deterrent Support

Whether your installation includes 1:1 or carts-on-wheels, TCES can provide tracking for the hardware purchased.

No Fault Insurance

TCES offers no-fault insurance for the Intel Classmate laptops.  Call our Sales Department for more information 832-487-8787.