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Our Team

Shirley Johnson, Ed.D.

Executive Director

Shirley Johnson serves as the Executive Director of the Texas Coalition of Essential Schools.  She has worked in Texas Public Schools in multiple positions for over 30 years.  Through her career, Dr. Johnson has been an assistant superintendent, principal, curriculum coordinator, and teacher.  After retiring from public schools, she moved to Sam Houston State University where she taught master’s and doctoral courses in the department of Educational Leadership. Her service spans not only public schools, but private and charter schools as well.  Her experience includes the mega districts as well as small rural districts.  Dr. Johnson is passionate about providing the very best instructional delivery possible to every student while strengthening the skills of the teachers who serve those students. She clearly understands theory but is able to translate the theory into practice vertically from central office to the classroom.  You may reach Dr. Johnson at (832) 487 8787 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (832) 487 8787 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 106.

Marilyn Jones

Director of Marketing

Marilyn Jones has provided K-12 technology solutions to districts for over 12 years, working primarily in Texas.  She is particularly sensitive to the needs of school districts and works to customize products and services according to their needs. Prior to joining Texas Coalition of Essential Schools, Mrs. Jones directed a team that introduced one of the first student data management systems in Texas.  Working with one of the largest districts in the state to pilot the software, the system was successfully deployed around the state. Mrs. Jones works with the TCES staff to partner with districts in deploying instructional technology solutions that engage and prepare students for a more challenging academic environment.  You may reach Mrs. Jones at (832) 487 8787 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (832) 487 8787 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 108.


Raymond Johnson

Director of Engineering

Raymond Johnson is the Director of Engineering for TCES and has spent most of his career in the field of technology either as an oil field technology engineer or managing computer development and assembly for Compaq Computer Corporation.  He is a degreed Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in computer design, development and assembly.  Within the last few years, Mr. Johnson has led the development and production of TCES products and supported the installation of various campus and district initiatives.  As education moves to the one-to-one environment, Mr. Johnson assists IT personnel in districts to integrate computers into the classroom and provide the expertise necessary to make this move as seamless as possible.  Mr. Johnson is a valuable resource to the Coalition and his work is valued by all who experience his passion. You may reach Mr. Johnson at (832) 487 8787 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (832) 487 8787 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 109.

Stacey Grant

Math Consultant

Stacey Grant serves as a Math Consultant and Coach for public schools in Texas.   With 20 years of experience in education, she has been a Math Curriculum Coordindator for K-12, District Instructional Math Coach K-12, Assistant Principal and Math Teacher.  She currently serves as a University Supervisor for our future teachers and serves our public schools in the area of mathematics.  Stacey is passionate about supporting teachers in research-based mathematics instruction and strategies through professional development, modeling in the classroom, leading PLC meetings or individual coaching sessions to improve student achievement.  Her ability to use data to inform changes in the math program is exceptional.


Shannon Johnson

Math Consultant

Shannon Johnson is a superb K-8 math coach who has supported self-contained teachers as well as departmentalized teams.  Her primary specialty is math for grades K –8. After completing her masters, Shannon served as a campus RTI specialist, district math specialist and Olympiad organizer in addition to serving as a district instructional math coach.  Shannon clearly understands the TEKS and their implementation as well as helping teachers improve their practice.  Fundamental to her success with teachers is her knowledge of math content which enriches her coaching impact with teachers. Listening to Shannon speak, it is clear that she is passionate about discovering how students learn and then guiding them as they learn through their individual lens.  Using this ability, she enables teachers to present math differently to increase impact on student achievement.