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The TCES Story

The Texas Coalition of Essential Schools (TCES) was organized in 1998 with the support of a grant awarded through Dr. Ted Sizer’s National Coalition of Essential Schools, a foundation dedicated to the transformation of public schools through the Coalition’s 10 Common Principles.  TCES, a non-profit corporation, has grown through the years to serve schools not only in the reform of instructional delivery but also in the integration of technology in the classroom.  The focus of that work targets increasing the rigor and depth of work rather than broad base coverage of content.

TCES is also committed to the development of teachers and principals working in struggling schools.  TCES has considerable experience in designing solutions that enable principals to implement turn around strategies while increasing their personal skills in leadership.  A model is not brought to a district for implementation.  In every case, TCES collaborates with administration to customize a solution based on the identified needs of the district and/or campus.

 The Texas Coalition of Essential Schools seeks to serve the school community by bringing researched-based practical methodology into the classroom aided by technologies focused on improving student engagement and achievement.

 The TCES provides that missing connection for the teacher by combining instructional and technical support. We also provide principals with guidance to assist in effective instructional management of a technology roll-out whether it is 1:1 throughout the campus or a strategically placed implementation by content and/or grade level.