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About Us

The Texas Coalition of Essential Schools was created 12 years ago through a grant with Dr. Ted Sizer’s National Coalition of Essential Schools.  A foundation dedicated to the improved education of both teachers and students through the 10 Common Principles.

Dr. Shirley Johnson, the Executive Director of the Texas Coalition of Essential Schools, has championed school turn around for most of her career both in K-12 and at the university level.  The Texas Coalition of Essential Schools seeks to serve the school community by bringing researched-based practical methodology into the classroom aided by technologies focused on improving student engagement and achievement.

A sad fact is that many technologies in classrooms today are not fully utilized.   Teachers are taught how to technically be proficient but most often the instructional integration is not addressed.

The Texas Coalition provides that missing connection for the teacher by combining instructional and technical support.   We also provide principals with guidance to assist in effective instructional management of a technology roll-out whether it is 1:1 throughout the campus or a strategically placed implementation by content and/or grade level.  

The Texas Coalition of Essential Schools team provides solutions for campuses and districts in Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico.